El Sistema USA

About El Sistema USA

El Sistema USA® supports a nationwide alliance of El Sistema-inspired organizations.

ESUSA’s diverse membership across the United States represents programs that serve some of the most vulnerable communities and children throughout the country. We aim to provide connections to knowledge and innovation, advocacy, and leadership development for program directors, teaching artists, students, and volunteers. Members collaborate to share resources, values, aspirations, and advocacy efforts. ESUSA serves three major purposes: strengthening existing nucléos through capacity development and research, encouraging the formation of new nucléos through providing resources, connections and training, and building awareness of El Sistema at large throughout the United States.

The members of ESUSA envision a world where every child has access to music through intensive ensemble training and performance to promote positive youth development and thriving communities. Our Mission:

To support and grow a nationwide movement of programs inspired by El Sistema to effect social change through music for children with the fewest resources and the greatest need. Our Vision:

El Sistema USA® supports El Sistema-inspired organizations to provide music education to underserved youth, developing the essential life skills and habits of mind they need to lead successful lives. Our vision is to be:

The driving force behind El Sistema as a model that is nationally recognized as a validated intervention for youth empowerment and development through music education. Music programs that are reflective of many music disciplines led by a majority of leaders representative of their communities. Serving under-advantaged children from every state in the nation. Represented in all states that have El Sistema-inspired programs (rural and urban). An advocate in the national landscape of music education as a youth empowerment model, which leads to deep relationships in local and national public education systems, increased public and private investment, and increased political support for music education. Strongly connected to the broader global movement of El Sistema.

Our Core Values:

Equity: we believe all kids have the right to reach their full potential Empowerment: we are committed to helping organizations deliver on this promise Excellence: we hold ourselves, our member organizations, and our educational values to the highest standards Impact: we measure the impact of our work and consistently drive to improve Sustainability: we are committed to sustaining this work, by strengthening our movement and our member organizations Joy: we believe in strengthening the spirit in all that we do Community: we encourage collaboration and community building at all levels of our organization.

If you support our Mission, Vision, and Core Values, please consider becoming a Member of El Sistema USA® today!